CPC Training Costs

How much is CPC training?

CPC driver training costs are less expensive than you might think. Our CPC training prices start at £69.25 for a 7-hour course.

The £8.75 DVSA upload fee contained within the course price

Why Driveline?

We pride ourselves on being extremely cost-competitive and provide excellent service with industry-qualified trainers. Our teachers have sound industry background in the transport industry with many years in transport management.

You’ll also benefit from a proper training venue, not just a portakabin or temporary building that you may get with other providers!

Take advantage of our special offers

Buy five courses to help ease the cost of getting CPC compliant before the deadline and receive 10% discount:

Book  *5 days of training for £316.00 – the best way to get compliant – book five courses to cover your 35 hours of training if you’re still to start building your periodic training hours

*Courses must be booked on different dates, and paid for in advance, excludes upload fees (£8.75 per course).

We hope we’ve answered your question about ‘how much does CPC training cost?’ – the answer is, with Driveline – not as much as you expected!

Take a look at our courses, dates and costs to book now, or contact us to enquire in more detail.

For more detailed support, call us on 0333 123 1160 or contact Terry on 0333 123 1160. You can also email us at info@driveline-training.co.uk.